Dear Customer

Our aim is to provide modern, flexible and client-oriented logistic solutions. In order to achieve this ambitious goal we try to focus on high quality, professionalism and trustworthiness.

We believe that building a personal and engaged relationship with customers is one of the most important factors of every business.

We always try to bring our products in line with our customers` needs.

Forwarding and transport services are supposed to be fast, reliable and cost effective - and ours are.

Thanks to our TerwerTransPlan platform of monitoring orders, at any time you have an insight into the progress of shipment.

Our offer

Full truckload transport
Part-load transport
Express transportation


Car park maintained in good condition is essential for safety reasons goods, punctuality and quality of service. We have our own repair shop, where vehicles undergo regular inspections. This gives you assurance of timely delivery of cargo, and the qualifications that have our employees are a guarantee of professional service every order.

All our vehicles are equipped with a monitoring system location.

truck 1
capacity: 24t no. of euro pallets: 33
truck 1
capacity: 24t no. of euro pallets: 38
truck 1
capacity: 5,5t no. of euro pallets: 18
truck 1
capacity: 1,3t no. of euro pallets: 9
truck 1
capacity: 1,5t no. of euro pallets: 7

Our mission

We crave to become the most preferred and valued supplier of transport services recognized at home and abroad, geared to meeting individual customer expectations, flexible in building lasting business relationships

Our aim is to deepen and optimal use of our knowledge of the TSL,

Through effective management and adopted a policy of continuous development and improvement of the organization we want to be always ready to realize the most difficult projects and meet their high quality standards.

Service quality

We provide service at the highest level from the moment of receiving the order until its delivery to the indicated place
  • our employees have the appropriate competence and experience in the transport industry
  • we cooperate with specially-selected, professional and reliable carriers
  • we offer a very well-functioning Key Account Service
  • we meet all safety requirements and insurance (ERGO Hestia SA) 300 000 USD
  • goods are delivered to the right place and time set
  • towar dostarczany jest na właściwe miejsce i o ustalonym czasie
  • thanks to a sophisticated system of information, customers receive fast and reliable information,


Environmental Policy gains a growing importance in the former East Block Countries.

According to EU enlargement new laws and regulations have been

introduced together with the most modern technologies streaming into

all branches of industry. Today TERWER LOGISTIC is taking an active

part in this positive development.

Ourvehicles are classified according to the actual environment regulations

and our forwarders strive to optimise the transports by the use of economical part truck loads and crossdocking.

Our business strategy is to invest in modern equipment, environmentally friendly and safe.



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